Sunday, June 15, 2014

What a day today...

Long day, been at work since 11 ( even though i didnt start till 12) left at 5:15 but took me soooo long to get home. sooo many things happened today from me leaving work. when i got to the path there was a medical emergency IN my same car. a man had an intense seizure... crazy stuff at first he was fairly still with the exception of the convulsions, but then I dont know if he came to half way into it but became violent and whould have hurt himself really badly had it not been for 2 people who put all their efforts into keeping him stable and not letting him kill himself by inadvertently banging his head everywhere. I give props to those men who dealt with this poor mans foaming mouth and it wasnt like he was a small man either, he was really tall and kind of husky. I prayed in my head for him that God keeps him safe... they re routed the train to 33 before i could go back in the direction i was supposed to go in. after that in Hoboken, it took me forever to catch my bus as the 87 bus changed to the 89 bus just to spite me and the next bus came 45 minutes later. I wanted to cry... all i wanted to do was go home but when i got to where Zoey was there was a little party going on... very little but it was for Grandpa because its fathers day so my ride wasnt ready to leave untill just a little while ago... the struggle of a working mom... no sleep last night by the way... And all i wanted to do today was to give my Derick, all the props he deserves for being such an amazing dad. something i didnt get to do because duty calls. i will try to make it up for him during the week. that man deserves it. goodnight everyone.

Dragon Doctor.

Ok so I am not one to bad mouth anyone or usually say things about people negatively in public... that being said... something needs to be said about the doctor I work with. So Friday , there was a leak in the building because of all the rain we randomly got. so management does their thing and calls maintainence to come and fix the leak. Although they were to send a tech out that night, they called at about 7:30 pm to say that they were no longer able to be there same day, they would be there at 9 am the next morning... fine and dandy right? NOPE. The doctor proceeded to raise her voice at the lab manager untill inevitably, the man snaps and tells her " I told you I am handling it, what part of that dont you understand. If I say that I am handling it, then let me handle it"  Apparently Dragon Doctor as I have come to know her, didnt like that answer and they both continued to argue over this leak... her side of the story was that no one cares that she has 100,000$ of equipment that has a chance of getting damaged from exposure to moisture ( a very very highly unlikely chance)and that the individuals chosen to be supervisors by upper management were chosen by mistake because they didnt have the proper credentials to properly fulfil their roles ( the Supervisor in question, mind you, is 9 months pregnant and doesnt need to be stressed out like that) and his side was that firstly 12 hours was not going to affect her equipment since the leak was controlled, also that they wouldnt be able to get out  same day and there was absolutely nothing they could do to change that, and that Dragon Doctor speaks from a place of entitlement and thinks that she can talk to people any old way because she thinks she is better than them... something even I have witnessed from her. I took my happy self and walked right out the door at my designated time with a tune on my lips and washed my hands clean... I did NOT want to be witness of anything that may possibly transpire from the  incident. I ended that note with a text to my GM saying... "everything just went Monkey Nuts!!!" in typical Happy Pink Sadly manner!!! oh yea!

Happy Pink SADLY

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun adventures with the "Fresties"

First things first...

Fresties- Framily/Besties, those who are kind of realated but not quite, but you love them like family. "Framily" is the word used in the Sprint commercials now about who you can add to your family plan or what not. it literally just means Friends/Family. In case none has seen the commercials. theyre funny.

SO yesterday. One of our fresties became spirits happy and embibed a little more than usual and found himself out of sorts... he was DRUNK :). We ended up going on a long adventure back and forth all over Jersey City and Bayonne. ( he has two residences and couldn't decide between the two, which was best to leave him. We drove him to bayonne and he asked to be taken back to The Heights (of Jersey City) when we arrive to The Heights, He askes to be taken to Bayonne once more... Once in Bayonne he realizes he misplaced his phone... That, Leads us back to the Heights, then to downtown, Then to Hoboken, Back to Downtown to bring His friend, who happened to have his phone, back to his apartment to get it, bring him back to hoboken and then finally, back to Bayonne. What a day... this of course happened right after a long, and I mean LONG day at work... not that I am complaining. I had fun!!!! Thats what Fresties are for!!!

HAPPY Pink Sadly.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Mortal Instruments 5

SO after months of searching for the 5th installment of the Mortal Instruments series I have finally found it and am reading it! It took all there was in me to continue reading after the movie of the first book fucked me up. I will say that I am totally pissed at how they played that one out. pfft good job Sony pictures for messing up a book movie by not following the story, jerks. thats why I haven't heard anything about making a sequel. pffft. great.

Happy Pink SADLY

Friday, March 28, 2014


Its been days that I have wanted to post this but have not had the chance to write this down. I haven't even told my Chachers about this but I am sure she knows lol. Chachi had asked me to write on her blog!!!! So this post is to state how I felt about it! In my own Randomly Random way. 1. Ok thanks but I'm not nearly as talented as you or Aly 2. Could I really do this? (picks nose in concentration) 3. Wait I am really excited about this... this means Im totally a blogger 4. That sounds too glamorous Virginia, its a few posts, take it easy 5. Oh GOSH I'm a Blogger!!!! 6. Wait till my friends hear! 7. Shut up, your one real friend already knows 8. Will she like my posts???? And then writing the review for the Blog was surprisingly easy and laid back and I was so happy and as usual I had Randomly Random thoughts about that!!! They go as follows. 1.OMG OMG I am totally doing this... 2.Gosh this was a great book, will I do it Justice? 3.What if my grammer sucks... 4 OMG what if I suck! 5.Chachi is gonna hate this :( 6.Welp, I can't NOT post it, I've promised 7.Fuck it, Its going up waits for approval and pat on head... or occasional bacon strip... and then... SHE LIKED IT! score :) HAPPY Pink Sadly.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iron Man...

Not to sound like a complete geek but I have to put it out there that I love the IronMan movies... I have been a Robert Downey Jr. fan for a very long time. I would go as far as to say, since I was little. I used to observe him ( as a personality) from the corner of my eye, not quite an every day mention of him but you know... one of those," Robert, I see you " type of things. Whenever he came out in a new movie, to being on Ally McBeal ( ugh does anyone know if its even playing at all on any rerun channel???)to even the little movies like "Shaggy Dog" I was always amazed from afar at this talented gorgeous man. Have you ever felt when watching a movie that the character, should they really exist would make the world a completely better place? Well... I cant say that about him truly but I will say that MY life might be a little bit more awesome if I could "MCM" (Man Crush Monday him. For now. I will find ocmplete comfort in MCMing RDJ, My real life unnattainable gift to mankind. HAPPY Pink Sadly.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thank Goodness for Understanding

Today was a good day... Thank God Almighty. Although yesterday was a tough and touchy day today the sun came out and introduced us to 55 degree weather... which is practically summer time after the winter we've had. I got to work late AGAIN!!! which means that technically I should have gotten a write up but thank God for good old fashion understanding ( and also the fact that I explained my crappy day yesterday to my managers and they let me slide) I will also say that my store manager has agreed to help me on my quest for affordable child care and has offered to write me a new and better letter stating everything from start date to wage to date of rehire to all that mumbo jumbo, and now that I have a few extra days of planning ahead of me I still have to find a way to print new paystubs and submit them too with that letter!. well... all may not be lost as I thought it may have been yesterday! I will keep you posted! HAPPY Pink Sadly